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billyg 11-06-2012 02:19 PM

General humidifier advice needed
I am planing on installing a central humidifier for the first time and am leaning toward a Honeywell or Aprilaire. Which do you prefer? I notice Honeywell offers two lines of humidifiers...the HE240/260/280 series for DIYers and their "pro-install" line (HE200/250/300/265). While I consider myself a fairly handy guy, having done my share of plumbing and electrical wiring upgrades in my home, I've never done any HVAC related type work before. And while the installation of the humidifier and plumbing looks fairly easy, the various wiring options on the "pro-install" line looks somewhat "daunting" to me.
Is the Honeywell "pro-install" line significantly a better product than the DIY line? I notice the "pro-install" line offers a 5-yr warranty as opposed to a 1-yr on the DIY line.
It seems that the components used on either line are similar, except for the "pressure switch", which the DIY line uses to simplify wiring.--Is this part, perhaps, prone to wear out quickly?
Is the complex wiring of the "pro-install" series a better system than the DIY presssure switch wiring?
Bottom line is I'm trying to decide whether to go with the simplicity of the DIY line or go with the "pro-line" and with help, figure out the wiring. Any advice?

yuri 11-06-2012 02:35 PM

I would go with the Pro model. Looks can be deceiving. The solenoid valve is a better quality and has to be if they offer a 5 yr warranty. The plastic body will probably be thicker and sturdier and less prone to warp. Their thermostats look the same but the Pro units are better. They dumb down or lessen the quality on DIYer units and have to to meet a price point. You get what you pay for. We can help you with the wiring.

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