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newguy2010 12-03-2010 01:58 PM

gas furnace whistling when on, not when blower on
I have a 7 year old natural gas furnace. I just started to hear a constant whistling when it is on. I thought it might be the filter. So I changed that, even though I had 2 months back. I actually did a little spray painting indoors on OCT 31st, so I thought that might have been a problem(Halloween costume).

When I turn the heat off and kept the blower on the whistle stops. So it doesn't seem to be the filter and lack of air whistling to me..

I thought there might be two filters? This sounds stupid, but I have only found and changed the intake air that is contained within a metal structure in the wall. 20x20. The pictures I am seeing online have one abutting the blower I will check if there is another one.

I read something about vacuuming out the bottom? I will attempt that...

My next step is to take it apart and look for a loose belt. But before I get into it I was hoping anyone had any suggestions.

Thanks so much.


So I took off the front panel. The whistle was coming from a component above the blower. From the labeled pictures online, it looks like it is the induced draft fan. Hopefully this makes sense. it is between the burners and the below blower. Again when the blower is on, no whistle, when the furnace is activated the whistle starts. The problem is that this newly located site of the whistling does not seems easily accessible. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks again for your time.

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