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herman health 02-25-2011 06:36 PM

gas furnace limit switch
I have an older coleman furnace thaty cycles on and off fairly quiickly. Is the limit switch going?

hvaclover 02-25-2011 10:30 PM

Gonna have to be more specific than that. Not enough to go on.

how 02-28-2011 12:35 AM

A coleman could appear to short cycle from a poor thermostat location, a faulty anticipator setting in the thermostat, a dirty air filter, too many hot registers dampened down, a partially obstructed return air grill, a crack in the heatexchanger near your bi-metal fan control, improperly adjusted fan/limit controls and on & on.
Is it your thermostat that is going on & off?
Does your coleman have a fan control that will show you the on, off & limit temps?. Watching what they show of your operating temp is a quick display of the possible problem. The real easy possible fix would be if your furnace filter is just dirt plugged.

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