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paulssn 08-29-2009 09:33 PM

Gas Boiler furnace or a new system?
Hi everyone, here is my problem. I've got a fairly large house with a gas boiler furnace with radiators through out my house. The boilers is not new but then again it's not an antique either. I'm guessing 20 years old. The gas bills are killing me to heat this way. Should I get a more efficent gas boiler furnace or which to a heat pump? Then again I hear alot about these Geothermal systems. I'm really looking for advice on switching the heating system to get the most cost effective system for a reasonable price. The heating and A/C guys told me that the boiler radiator system that I have is were I want to be but it doesn't seem that great to me. Oh and it also appears that some of my radiators are not working or are not working well. I've tried bleeding the system. I have one radiator upstairs that vents well but some of the others are not giving out any heat or very little and those don't vent. Any advice? Thanks.

yuri 08-29-2009 10:02 PM

Where do you live? I would buy a new higher efficiency Weil McLain boiler and have a heating professional check your system properly. You may have zones/zone valve not working or other solvable problem with your system. Geothermal is incredibly expensibe ($20,000 +) and I don't think it works with radiators. Need a forced air system with geothermal. LOTS of ongoing problems with leaks etc. Do LOTS of research before considering them.
they make some of the best boilers on the market.

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