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Juanacuna24 12-27-2008 10:58 PM

Furnace Problem
So, im new here and im not sure if this goes into this section but... Today our furnace stopped working. Its an Amana Furnace im sure of the Make and model numbers. The LED indicator light blinked 4 Times which meant that the Roll out Switch was open. What Does this mean? Then a while later i checked the LED and it was 3 blinks which meant the Pressure Switch, even though we checked that already.

This happens when the Thermostat calls for heat.
1. I hear the fans and stuff
2. I look at the furnace and see the regular red glow
3. The furnace ignites and the flames are a regular blue color
4. about 20-30 seconds later it shuts off

We don't get any heat!
Please help

hvac122 12-28-2008 10:13 PM

Sounds like a dirty flame sensor. Clean it with scotchbrite and try it again.

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