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phatsupratt 10-18-2011 11:22 AM

Furnace needs to push more air
I have a Trane XE90 working in conjunction with an outdoor wood boiler. Due to poor ducting when the house was built, air flow from vents is terrible. I can barely feel air coming from most spots of the house and it takes forever for the place to warm up.

My 1/3hp blower motor just blew out and I need to replace it. Would it be beneficial to upgrade to 1/2hp with more RPM or is that not advised? Any other suggestions?


Doc Holliday 10-18-2011 11:54 AM

isn't that motor a multi speed motor? that doesn't mean it changes speeds on it's own during a call for heat, it means that it has different speed taps so manually you can adjust to low or medium low, medium high and high on that motor. high is usually used in cooling and low on heating so if it is a multi speed than you can move the speed up from low to medium low and get more air velocity in heating mode, if it is on low speed and has speed taps.

Also I'd check all of the duct work for leaks, exposed liner/broken insulation and possible kinks in the ducts.

phatsupratt 10-18-2011 12:49 PM

Thanks for the reply, Doc. Yes, it is multi speed and I have it on the highest setting (black wire).

Doc Holliday 10-18-2011 01:07 PM

Instead of adding to the frankenstien that is your system byway of putting in a different motor, I'd fix the real problem, duct work.
It'll never be right until then, no matter what else you do, me thinks.

Doc Holliday 10-18-2011 01:12 PM

New r6 or r8 insulated duct work and better insulation for the home.

biggles 10-18-2011 01:41 PM

either the ducts are leaking at the joints or it is too diffused maybe size down he worst

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