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haimei 12-14-2010 03:25 AM

Furnace Model # Feh-015-04 clicking but not turning on?

If anyone could help me, I could really use some insight on the issue my furnace is having. It has worked very well since around 92 or so, when the mobile home was purchased. The information labels inside the furnace says it is model # FEH-0115HA-04. We had maintenance done on it two winters ago and the entire fusebox & fuses were replaced in addition to the "disconnect" plug thing on the bottom right hand side of the box inside the furnace. Before all of these things were replaced the furnace had started running awkwardly for long periods of time, then just stopped and wouldn't come on again, and the fan wouldn't even come on by flipping the switch inside. After everything was replaced, the problem was gone and the furnace has worked perfectly for the past two years.

This winter comes along and I start to notice that the furnace would turn on, run as normal, but on the very next cycle would make clicking sounds inside the furnace like it was trying to kick on. Our thermostat is battery powered, and the one we had seemed to drain our batteries very quickly. At this point, I thought it was the batteries, which I replaced..and the furnace clicked back on like normal. However, right after this the next cycle it started to click again.

We decided to replace the thermostat all together, and wanted one that was fully electric if there is such a thing, but ended up getting another battery powered digital thermostat that took triple a's instead of double a's, also stating that the batteries could last up to a year in this thermostat and would indicate low battery sixty days before the batteries were dead.

I flipped the electric to the furnace off when we replaced the thermostat, and after we were done installing I flipped the electric back on. The furnace immediately came on like normal and reached the set temp and turned off. I waited and listened and the clicking once again came when the temp hit below the set.

I also noticed during this clicking, the inside of the furnace would feel warm. I decided to flip the switches and electric completely off to the furnace so it wouldn't be clicking and getting hot while not turning on. I didn't want whatever this was to make matters worse by burning up the motor, etc.

After inspecting the wires to the thermostat again,(I believe there's red, green, and yellow? wires, I will have to look again to confirm if needed) and the green wire seemed to have some minor damage to it, I don't know if this could indicate anything or point to a wiring problem of any sort? I haven't attempted to turn it back on again until I learn more about it. We've had a lot of people say they are going to come and look at it, but it's been two weeks since I shut the electric off to it and we haven't had a chance to get anyone here. Unfortunately, it's probably one of the worst December's Ohio has had in many years, and as I type this the current temp outside is 6 degrees and our only heater with all the rooms blanketed off still has the temp slightly above 50 degrees. I would say this is definitely better than nothing, but I miss how comfortable our home used to be in the wintertime. If anyone can please help me by giving me any tips or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I don't even mind having to call someone to come and look at it; but I will have to wait even for that. In addition, I'd like to know more about the problem myself when I need to explain what is wrong and hot spots that need to be checked.

Thank you everyone in advance--for any feedback you can pass along.

**From my post I am not asking anyone to walk me through any repairs so much as I am wanting information on what this problem sounds like it could be and things I can mention to those I plan to have look at the furnace.


diyorpay 12-14-2010 05:01 PM

You said on other site it's a Nordyne brand unit.

Perhaps if you could post a picture or 2 so the techs here can tell what 'the "disconnect" plug thing on the bottom right hand side of the box inside the furnace' actually is.

Keep your family warm and hang in there.

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