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lmeagher 10-15-2008 03:45 PM

Furnace Maintenance Question
Hello. I have a question regarding maintenance of our furnace. We recently purchased a home built in 1980. It seems that we still have the original furnace, one made by Westinghouse in 1978, model number FGUF060AAN. A label on the motor housing explains that motors with ball bearings require lubrication every 10 years, those with sleeve bearings require lubrication annually, and those with blower bearings require no lubrication at all. It isn't clear which type of bearings the motor has, however.

I called the number for furnace support on It connects me to Nordyne Customer Support. Apparently Nordyne took over the name in 2000, and no one in Nordyne Product Support seems to have any knowledge of Westinghouse products manufactured prior to then. So, can you please advise as to what type of motor bearings the model FGUF060AAN furnace has, and whether there are any motor lubrication requirements? Thanks!

biggles 10-15-2008 04:53 PM

if it has a hole on the bearing ends oil it...... a squirt ever heating season with a little dripping no big deal

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