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jho 01-23-2013 06:24 AM

furnace just went out
We had heat yesterday. Woke up this morning on the coldest day of the year (-2 degrees outside), and it's 60 degrees in our house and declining. :( Thermostat is set to 69 degrees. Turned the heat up more on the thermostat, heard the click, and still no response to the furnace. I followed the instructions on the inside panel of the furnace on how to manually restart it, and still no luck. It has an auto pilot on it, so no lighting is required. It's somewhere around 20 years old. I know it's probably due to be replaced soon but hoping it's something that can be repaired. A couple years ago, I had the motherboard replaced, but that's about all the maintenance I've had done.

We have a Lennox WhisperBreeze unit. Anybody here have any suggestions?

wetbar 01-23-2013 07:27 AM

Cut on your heat make sure there is a call for heat. see if you hear the inducer fan come on. you should hear clicks. If not make sure there is a call for heat. Make sure sure your t-stat batteries are good( if you have batteries). Put the fan auto/on switch to on to make sure your indoor fan come on. If all that works use an ohm meter and ohm the pressure switch out.(if you have one could have a centrifugal switch)

Doc Holliday 01-23-2013 08:04 AM

remove the faceplate of the stat. jump r-w there bring on heat. If nothing then turn the stat off and jump r to w in the furnace on the new control board to bring on heat.

Before any of this though I'd put the stat on call for heat and go and look at the furnace for any lights blinking on the control board. there should be a legend on the furnace somewhere, probably on the inside of the doors, saying what that blinking code relates to.

ex; 3 short flashes followed by two fast ones means code 32. it could be fast and then short or it could simply be a few flashes and that's it but those flashes will let you know what's wrong.

jho 01-23-2013 11:11 AM

Nevermind. Turns out we were experiencing a brown out. I couldn't really tell because we have the energy saving bulbs in everywhere so it's always dim in here. When I talked to a tech, he said that the power needs to be full on for the furnace to kick on. The power was just restored 15 minutes ago, turned the furnace back on, heat back up on the thermostat, and now we have heat. Thanks anyway! :thumbsup:

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