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ponch37300 01-17-2011 02:18 PM

Furnace is cycling two times in a row
It's a coleman furnace model number DGAT070BDF. Not all the time but I would say around half the time when the furnace comes on it will cycle and go to shut off and then cycle again right away. From what I can tell the burner only comes on during one of those cycles, some times it's on during the first one and sometimes it's on during the second cycle but haven't seen it on during both cycles.

I replaced the thermostat because we wanted a programable one anyway and that didn't help anything. I also tried replacing the pressure switch and that didn't help at all. I have a fluke and know how to use it but just not sure what I should be testing in the furnace.

My thoughts right now are leaning towards one of the limit switches but that is just a guess and I would like to avoid just throwing parts at it. So any help of things to test to try and narrow it down would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Scott

gregzoll 01-17-2011 02:44 PM

Well, for one it falls under this 2004 Recall with Do you know if it was repaired under the recall? It appears that the recall was because of Cracked Heat Exchangers,79014,79014

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