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NH Mom 08-12-2008 09:31 AM

Furnace confusion
My husband and I are considering a new furnace with new A/C addition. We decided on the contractor and selected the Trane 80% unit w/13 seer a/c condenser. We signed the contract and they arrived at the house today and now it appears they can't use that unit and we have to get a 90% unit since the venting is too close to wood and walls of basement remodel. They are also saying that we can't use the existing water heater which is only 5 years old. That the tankless type is what we need. They are telling us that this is now going to cost 4-5K more for the 90% furnace and waterheater! I felt very confident with our choice of installers, but now I'm wondering if this is some ploy...any suggestions would be appreciated.

rjordan392 08-12-2008 10:27 AM

Get another opinion. I sense a bait and switch. The company is supposed to know from the first inspection if sufficient clearance for the exhaust vent from the walls of your remodel was available for a 80% efficiency furnace. It appears you may have had a salesman who does not understand the code or is trying to deceive you.

I live in Philadelphia, Pa. and I have an 80% furnace where the exhaust vent and gas hotwater heater exhaust vent both go into the chimney. So I don't understand why they say you need a tankless water heater.
Its been that way since my house was built in the 50's. But then, my heating room is not remodeled with combustible walls.

If you can post some pictures of your furnace and exhaust duct and the chimney connection; it would help us help you.

NH Mom 08-12-2008 10:58 AM

thanks for replying - I'll see about taking some pictures tonight. The salesman seemed very knowledgeable but my husband said that he never looked at where the venting was going through the finished basement. I'm not a fan of the tankless water heaters - I don't like waiting and wasting water. I can't believe they can't use the existing unit. I think with the change in the unit - they will need to redo the contract so we can probably get out of it.

rjordan392 08-12-2008 11:14 AM

You don't need to worry about the contract if it states an 80% furnace will be installed.
But I would still call them immediantly and cancel the order. In most or all States you have I believe, 3 days to cancel.
Just tell them, you did not anticipate the extra expense and need to look over your options and remind them that the contract says 80% not 90%. So cancel the order first, get other bids, then pick the contractor.

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