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Below is the pilot assy I have.

When the blower comes on, the pilot flame stays on very strong and is not blowing around. The flame is burning straight up and does not go up or down. There is no indication that there is any air blowing on the burner or pilot flame.

I checked the wire connections at the pilot assy and it is secure.

Jackofall1 mentioned a possible faulty HTL (high temp limit) which will also take out the GV. Can the limit switch be tested?

Right now I am able to run the furnace with no issues as long as I do not let the room temparture drop to low. When the furnace runs a long time to heat the room, that is when the problems I described occur. This usually occurs in the morning because I shut the heat off at night. In the morning, the furnace has to heat up the room from 61 degrees to 69 so it takes some time. Usually around 65 degrees the problem starts.

Thanks again to all!



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Just started reading your post. If you GV is clicking when this is happening then it is most likely your 3 wire pilot assy. is wearing. The pilot assy has a bimetal switch that tells the gv to open. the bimetal wears out over time and may be warping during long operation.

Sorry. just read that the pilot was replaced. It may be a bad part. but prob not. I would lean towards Heat exchanger. Has it been checked by a pro?

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Since my last post, I have been observing the furnace and it is running great. The problem only occurs when the room temp drops to around 61 overnite. When the heat starts up in the morning to bring it to 69, the problem starts at 65 degrees or so with the burners turning off and on for a few minutes then they shut down with the pilot still running. Now I keep the room at 63 or above and the furnace runs better than before the problem started.

Any additional advice on this issue would be appreciated.

I will have to decide to replace it next season it or get another opinion from a professional.

Thanks to all for ther advice.
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Payne furnace


I have the same furnace and also it's 25 years old. I have the exact problem you described. Did you fix the problem? If you did. Please let me know how you fixed it. You can email me. Thanks.


Originally Posted by EDOinHB View Post
Hi! (Happy New Year!)

I have a 25 year old Payne forced air heater (no A/C since I live by the beach). It has been working well this winter until last week when it stopped suddenly. I had no pilot ignition from the electronic ignitor and so I took the following steps to identify the problem:

- I had the pilot ignitor tested and it tested OK.!

- I decided to replace the circuit board since it was easy and inexpensive and still no luck

- I replaced the thermostat with a Honeywell programmable thermostat since it was old but still no luck

- I cleaned out the gas tubing from the valve to the pilot. No luck!

- Next was the gas valve. Its is an old 5-wire valve. The parts store tested it and it tested “bad” so I purchased a new valve. I had them test the new valve it before I purchased it and it tested out good! It was a 4-wire valve but it allowed a 5-wire hook up so no problem. I hooked it up and still no pilot.

- After 5 days I need heat so I called in a professional. He identified the problem as the 3-wire pilot so he replaced it and the pilot and burners fired up. It ran well for a while, but then the burners started the flicker on and off. The technician adjusted the burner valves and it seemed to run ok so he left. Later it started the same thing. So here is what I have observed the last day or two:

- The thermostat will call for heat ok and the pilot will ignite and the burners will light up quickly with no problem. The blower will start up and start heating the house.

- After about 6-8 minutes, the burners will start to flicker on and off several times until they shut down completely but the pilot will remain on because the thermostat is still calling for heat since the set temperature had not been reached. I will turn off the heat at the thermostat to stop the pilot and turn it back on after a few minutes. The pilot will re-ignite and the burners will light up quickly and the blower will come on like there is no problem.

- After about 6-8 minutes, the burners will start to flicker again. The flicker occurs with a clicking noise from the gas valve like it is shutting down the gas flow.

- I replaced the Honeywell thermostat twice but the problem still occurs.

Could the new gas valve be the problem?
We are getting heat for now but I would like to solve this issue.

Thanks for the help!

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Old thread.

Please start a new one. U will get a faster reply.


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