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Furnace Blower Problem, help needed!!!

When my furnace turns on, it heats but the blower does not run. After a short time, the furnace shuts down so it does not overheat. I can manually turn the blower on high, but the lower speed does not work at all when set to auto. It works fine on A/C. Any suggestions?

I have an Haier HGA 080 N3H with a Braeburn 3000 thermostat. I have the schematic for my furnace. But the real wires seems slightly different from the schematic. Where do Istart to check out. What safety precautions should I do before poking around?

Thanks for any advice. I apologize in advance for not asking pertainent questions as I simply do not know what to ask other than describe the situation.


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First keep in mind that the voltage to the blower motor is 110 vac and it can kill.

Ok now

Look at the blower motor and youwill trace the wires to the control board. Most likely the Black wire (Hi speed) will go tothe board and connected to the location marked "COOL"

Next to the "COOL" location you should see a location marked "HEAT". Most the time this wire is red or blue. Reguardless of the color this is the wire that turns on the blower for heat.

Turn off power to the furnace, disconnect the wire to the heat location and make sure the wire does not touch anything metal-I usually wrap the end with black tape. Turn the power back on, make a call for heat, using a volt meter measure the voltage between the heat connection on the board and ground. It may take a few minutes for the fan switch to close to send power to the connection. You shoud get a reading about 120 vac. If you do the the blower motor is the problem it yoy don't get voltage the board is bad.


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Thank you, Plumber101.

My real wiring are slightly different from the wiring diagram stuck inside the furnace housing. There has no wire connected to the location marked "COOL" on the board.

But there did have wire connected to the location marked "HEAT", the far end go inside the furnace.

After the fire on, I start check the voltage like you said, it was some where around 0-2.5 volts AC. The furnace shuts down after one minute.

Since my wireing are different from the wiring diagram, I don't know when it happened and why. Do you think if I draw a picture of real wiring will help? Or we already know the problem is the board?


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Furnace blower problem

Mr. Plumber,
I would like to thank you as well. I posted a very similar problem on another Do It yourself forum but you provided the solution here. I tested the voltage coming off of the heat terminal and got nothing. I'll be shopping for a new board tomorrow.
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At least until you get the problem resolved you might be able to run the fan in the "on" mode from your thermostat and get it to blow the heat away from the furnace. I say might be able, because some control boards disable this speed when the thermostat calls for heat.

I'm a bit confused why the wiring diagram for the furnace (if it's the one inside on the door) doesn't reflect the wiring you have. My guess would be the blower motor has been replaced once before. If this is the case and it again is causing problems, you have other issues that are killing your motor. Might be a good time to get a good furnace person over to look things over. Could save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run.
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