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glennv 02-26-2011 09:07 AM

Furnace Air Intake Questions
I searched and read quite a bit but still have a few questions.

I have an oil furnace in a fairly large basement but the laundry setup is very close to the furnace. The gentleman that we have service it said we need an air intake kit for the burner. I've searched online and can't get too much info on a kit. What exactly am I looking for? It's a combustion fresh air intake right? It looks as though most guys do it themselves. I planned to do so but can't find much in terms of a DIY kit. Is this something that is typically not a DIY job?

yuri 02-26-2011 09:33 AM

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There is no kit. You get a diamond driller/corer to drill a 6" hole in your wall then run an 6" flex pipe (insulated) and gooseneck it down by the floor/burner. Hoyme dampers are available in Canada and probably parts of the US and are a GREAT energy saving device. Have to be wired into the control circuit of the burner but it is fairly easy and most techs can follow the install info that comes with it. Install it yourself BUT get a tech to wire it and check it as there are SERIOUS safety concerns/issues/liability if it is not done properly.

Read this article:

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