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bizzow 08-14-2011 02:34 PM

Full drip pan caused AC unit to cut off; now compressor/air handler will not work
Late last night, power went off to our hallway and sons' room. Air also cut off. Didn't find out until looking this morning that the drip pan under the unit in the attic was full and - from our limited Internet searching - it apparently cut off the power to the unit and to the other two rooms. My husband emptied the water then went downstairs and did something on the breaker in the basement, which caused the electricity to come back on in our hallway and the bedroom.

However, when we cut on the AC, no air is coming out at all. We can hear the "click" but then nothing happens. Is there something else we need to do to the unit in the attic? Is it possible that the full drip pan caused something else to happen to the air handler (frozen coil or blown circuit board?) We are just praying that the compressor is okay and that if anything is blown it's just the air compressor, as we had to replace our downstairs unit this past spring and can't put out that much money again!!

biggles 08-14-2011 04:52 PM

your emergency pan filled up how come it didn't drain off to a noticable place window stoop to send you up there....there no electrical close except the fan motor within the air handler...and that a seperate breaker from the outside you see a utility box with legs in the base of the emergency pan...that cuts the AC outside OFF if it detects water in that pan,,shut the AC at the stat and put the FAN to ON at the subbase...see if it runs if the sta is digital do you have a led lit screen:whistling2:

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