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FirstAndTen 02-03-2011 03:11 PM

Frost on Dryer Periscope/Vent
Just had a dryer moved to a different wall. Went with a reputable HVAC company. Old vent run was through the garage, back into house, and then out a different wall... it was a mess and not to code.

We moved the washer/dryer to an exterior wall.

The new vent, because of a stud, is slightly off center from the back of my dryer. The dryer vent run is about 6 inches sideways (via a dryer vent periscope) and 6 inches out the wall to the elements. Total run of about 12 inches. The guy was going to finalize the job by wrapping the vent and periscope in this shiny metal tape (not duct tape), but I told him not to because I had to move the dryer a couple of more times before settling in.

Meanwhile, it's about 10 degrees below zero outside (Minneapolis) and white frost is accumulating on parts of the vent and periscope thing. I can literally feel cold air coming in when I put my hand near the vent.

I watched them install it. Very meticulous. Very thorough (from what I observed). They used silicone on the exterior hood flap thingy (top and sides) and on the inside around what looks to be a white plastic gasket thing.

Going to call the guy, but wanted to arm myself with some information prior to this.

1. Can I expect less (or no) frost once I seal with this tape? I expect I would still see it. The tape will seal the air, but not insulate. The frost is from condensation?

2. I am in sort of a "all bets are off" mode since it is deathly code outside? C

I imagine if I start up the dryer, the frost will melt and drip on my floor. It's a main floor laundry room with hardwood floors.


gregzoll 02-03-2011 03:27 PM

What is closing the vent on the outside of the house? Regardless, you will always get cold air coming in through the dryer vent, when not running. The best way to stop this is one of these

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