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daveplot 09-12-2013 02:12 PM

Freezing Suction Line
At the nonprofit I work for I noticed a dripping sound coming from above the drop ceiling tiles. I pulled the tiles to find missing insulation on the suction line going through the ceiling, about a foots worth. There was some ice buildup on the 90 degree joint. This spot has been missing insulation for 7 years without a problem, until today.

Would adding rubber insulation over the section solve the problem... or is it a sign something else is probably wrong and to call a technician?

The system is a Carrier 25HBR3 Heat Pump unit that only heats/cools one large meeting room.


daveplot 09-12-2013 02:58 PM

Nevermind.... it ends up the unit has stopped cooling all together. That answers that question.

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