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First Question: How to cool this room?

I'm a college student living at home (an apartment) in Long Beach, CA. My room is outward-facing, and for most of the day during the summer/fall months is hit directly by the sun, from which I get no shade from trees or other structures. Combining that with some rather poor insulation, and temperatures can be as high as 110 degrees on the worst days. I'm looking for ways to either prevent the heat from accumulating in the room, or for ways to abate the heat once it's started warming up. I'm a tenant, so anything that involves renovating or otherwise modifying the construction of the room is out of the question.

My father told me about a device called a Swamp Cooler, which apparently cools by introducing moisture to the air to trap heat. I'm not sure about the effectiveness, because Long Beach is adjacent to several resevoirs and the pacific ocean (unless the Santa Ana winds are blowing, the environment is usually pretty moist). Dad says that shouldn't be a problem, because the devices are supposedly used in places like the Louisiana bayou (thus the name "swamp cooler'), but everything I've read online says they don't work in mid-high humidity areas like LA.

The other option that readily comes to mind is an air conditioner, but all of the window-mounted models I've found are meant to be mounted in a vertically-sliding window - mine are laterally-sliding, and rather wide. Cost of electricity and whether our apartments aging wiring system can support another high-draw appliance are also concerns.

The room itself is small, approximately 74 square feet. It has facings to the south, and to the west. There are several high-value electronic devices in the room (a computer, game console, and television). Also, cost of parts or materials is a concern; as I am a poor student, I can only afford a few hundred dollars (approx $400) at most. I am also open to other, perhaps more esoteric or unusual methods of heat management, again as long as they don't require modification of the construction of the room itself (cutting new holes, etc).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


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You might want to condiser something like this..........


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Swamp cooler: big ugly unit mounted on the roof of a home:
scroll down to the Typical part for a better idea. A portable unit may work but you need to get rid of the hot exhaust air from it. If you can blank off part of the window with wood and shoot the exhaust out it will work. The building owner may not like the look of that and nix it. I would nicely ask for permission first.

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Yep, a swamp cooler would require a hole in the ceiling/roof or wall.

You can build your own PITA room cooler.

Parts required.

1 large ice chest.
1 fan
1 roll copper tubing
1 small pump
20 to 30 small wire ties.
3 of vinyl hose
4 hose clamps
Adapters for the pump you chose
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Here is a drawing.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf PITA room cooler.pdf (4.8 KB, 103 views)

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