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ROLAND1955 11-22-2008 02:38 AM

filter question
Hello everyone... I need some advice on filters. I recently had to replace a couple of heat pump systems at my home. When the contractor was taking out my old system he noticed the pleated filters I had been using and told me not to use them on the new system because they were too restrictive. Those were merv 11. My MAIN concern with filtration is for the "care" of the equipment. I've read that pleats were the way to go, other places say pleats, even merv 7 and 8 can be too restrictive and you should go with flat panel fiberglass filters, just make sure you change them monthly. Can anyone out there please give me the striaght poop on whats best for the system? Thanks in advance for your help with this. I appreciate your input.


beenthere 11-22-2008 04:44 AM

Its your duct system that determines the quality of the air filter your system can use without ill effect.

The general pleated air filters, aren't too bad. They have sof rolling pleats.
A 3M Filtrete is one of the worst ones for being restrictive.(Sharp angled pleats)

A MERV 8 is about the lowest you should use.

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