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ojt 04-08-2008 11:58 PM

Filter/drier location and oil addition
I am going to install a used Nordyne 3 ton condenser unit and have just purchased a new A-coil to match and new lines. I want to install a new filter/drier since there is not one in the condenser unit, but noticed there are driers for suction or liquid line. The only driers I have seen were all on the liquid (discharge) line. Wouldn't it be better to install one on the suction line to prevent contamination from entering the compressor rather than after it has already gone through it in the liquid line? Is there a certain reason for having it on the discharge rather than the suction? Also the unit was laid on it's side to move it and a small amount of oil leaked out of the suction line when it was uncapped. Can I add a few ounces with an oil injector in the suction line by slowly admitting it while the compressor is running, or should I just add it to the A-coil and lines before assembling them. Thanks in advance for your suggestions !!!!!!!!


statman 04-10-2008 09:39 AM

Not really a diy kind of job. Are you going to braise with silfos? Do you have a vacuum pump and micron gauge? A liquid line filter is a must....suction driers are used to assist in the clean up of a system and really should not be left in place permanently. All compressors have an oil capacity that they hold - if any oil is lost, you need to dump the oil and replace it with the proper type of oil and in the amount stated by the manufacturer. Not trying to deter you but an improper installation (NO SOLDER!!!!!!) will definitely cause premature failure of your A/C system and you require the proper tools and education to do the job right.

ojt 04-10-2008 10:41 PM

Thanks statman! I have a good vacuum pump Robinair 6cfm, 20 micron. Do not have a micron guage, but plan on pulling a good vacuum for a long period and then check for leaks. ! The lines are prefab from Nordyne with correct fittings for the A-coil and compressor.I am installing a Parker #83 drier in the liquid line with flare fittings (please don't shriek), will cut line and use double flare done right. I plan on adding about 2ozs. of proper oil and have ordered Pit Stop oil checkers to test . The unit was capped when taken out of service and only a small amount of oil was lost. I live in a rural area and all of the heating cooling people don't want to waste their time on small jobs like mine. They want the big contracts with Wal-Mart, ect., so I am on my own or would have to spend about $3000 to put it all in new. They do not want to fool with jobs like this. I can see their point to some extent, but I bought the condenser unit for a song, because a professional told the owner the compressor was fried. After they installed a new system, he gave me the old unit, on which I found that the compressor had a dirty electrical connection and had blown off one of the leads. I cleaned it and installed new wiring and compressor runs fine and it is like new. Most of the money went for the new A-coil. I have kept my old Intertherm running since 1977 even after repairing a leak in the condenser coil (which the pros told me I would have to replace) about 5yrs ago. It is still running strong, but with this opportunity for a 10 seer unit I figured it would operate a little cheaper. I appreciate your comments and am not knocking the professionals, but in my area some of them don't know as much as I do! They are just in it to make money! Any tips you may have would be appreciated and if I don't try I can never learn! I have worked on auto air for years and am trying to do this job right myself. Again thanks for the help! Murphy's Law "Experience is directly proportional to the amount of equipment ruined"!! ojt

statman 04-11-2008 12:14 AM

No problem...sounds like ya got a lil more knowledge than most when it comes to the install. No problems at all with the flare connections....easier and should work fine. Let me know how it turned out. Good Luck

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