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pbuzz3323 07-29-2006 09:50 PM

figuring what tons are needed
2250 square foot home with 4 bedrooms of house do you figure what ti=ons are best for your square footage?? appx 1300 down 950 up..Is there a formula??

Mike Swearingen 07-29-2006 11:34 PM

There is a "load calculation" formula that involves far more than square footage.
Any professional HVAC company should be able to perform one free to properly size the system(s) for your home.
Too small, and it simply won't do the job heating or cooling. Too large, and it will cool down too quickly before dehumidifying, causing mold and mildew problems.
Get a proper load calculation performed before sizing and planning the system(s).
Good luck!

pbuzz3323 07-31-2006 06:40 PM

Thanks for the reply...I'll do that!!

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