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mox1968 12-29-2006 06:20 AM

Fan overhaul
does anyone know how to replace bearings on a fan.the fan on my boiler a ravenheat csi85t is starting to fail is it possible to replace the bearings on this or access them to regrease them rather than spend 140 quid to replace the whole unit?

MgMopar 02-20-2007 05:13 PM

Many fan motors vary. I have replaced bearing on a few styles. I don't know about your specific one. Some are more involved then others. I have seen oil locations on some motors as well this many times is a little metal tube with a flap type cover over it. You most likely would have to gain access to it to find out. I guess you should first find out if the parts would even be available to replace the bearings. If not your decision would have already be made to replace. If you try and get to the motor to see if it is able to be oiled try and get a make and model of the motor Write as much info off the tag as you can, this may give you more option when you look for a replacement or parts.

daman3178 02-20-2007 11:23 PM

Ok I am hope I am not to late on this for you Mox1968. I myself am a boiler tech. so I was surprised when I didn't recognize the name of this boiler when you posted this, but with a little help from the internet I got a better grasp on it. First off, I see this is a UK boiler and that is why I have never heard of it. Anyways, like I said I researched this and came up with a manual for the unit I believe. You will have to look it over and see if it is the same unit first. Also if it isn't let me know and I will search a little more. From what I have found out by the manual you can't replace the bearing to this fan or lubricate them. What you can do and which I suggest is to just change out the fan. There is a section that gives the fan part number on page 54, with that number you should be able to order and new fan. Now for changing out the fan you can go to page 32 and it gives you a step by step procedure on how to do this. You can print this manual off at the following link: RavenHeat CSI 85T

I hope this finds you in time and it is the correct unit, because it seems to be an easy fix. Please let us know how this turns out for you.


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