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Snipeston 06-14-2013 07:01 PM

Fan not turning on...
I have a approx 12 yr old Trane furnace that the blower motor will not kick on. When it tries to come on, I just get a hum. What are some potential causes for this? The only part numbers I can see are on the Integrated Ignition module, which are a White-Rodgers 50A50-571. The diagnostic light blinks non-stop at about 1 sec intervals, which I believe means there is no fault. Any ideas?

FClef 06-14-2013 07:25 PM

Open the filter area and see if the blower cage is spinning. Do not put your hands in there with the power on. If it is not spinning, turn the power off to the furnace and see if you can spin the blower cage by hand. If it feels tight or doesn't move at all, more than likely the bearings are going or have seized on the motor and you need another one.

Snipeston 06-14-2013 07:33 PM

The cage seems to be spinning fine with no power and does not seem to be dragging. Bearing seem to be quiet and in good shape.

biggles 06-14-2013 08:04 PM

if you have heating cycle it and see if the fan runs with a heating call.the reason the heating is a different speed on that motor and different winding.. Lo heating/Hi cooling.could be just a capacitor change out local Grainger trip tomorrow

Snipeston 06-14-2013 11:04 PM

ok, turned the heat on and the fan started right up. I switched it over to cool and it kept running. Thoughts? I will see if once the ac shuts off if the fan kicks back on again or stays off....

Thanks for everyones help so far...

Doc Holliday 06-15-2013 03:03 AM

capacitor is shot.

Snipeston 06-15-2013 05:57 AM

Where is the capacitor located? How hard is it to change?

yuri 06-15-2013 09:00 AM

won't be the capacitor if it runs fine on heating and you said it started right up again on cooling. most likely the fan relay to turn the ac fan speed on is sticking off intermittently and usually is built into that integrated control which may now need replacing. if the capacitor fails then it runs slowly as it gives the motor torque to get up to speed. on the outdoor unit it can get bulged and fail completely and won't run but on the indoor fan it just slows down and overheats the motor. 10-12 yrs is average life expectancy for those boards.

put a piece of strong tape over the switch behind the fan door. next time the fan won't start remove the door and tap that control a few times. if the relay is sticking and it starts the Voila, case solved. otherwise you need to remove the wire to the fan stamped Cool speed and see if it is getting 120 volts to ground. if it is then the motor may have a bad winding and need replacing which is rare.

biggles 06-15-2013 07:10 PM

might be the hi speed winding see if it runs FAN ONLY HI SPEED chck the air out of the register has to be higher then the heating cycle fan was.cap is common to both speeds has to work in both so that aces the capacitor change out ..:no:

jbestg1 07-14-2013 12:31 AM

I have a similar issue with my Trane XE 80. The outdoor compressor is working fine and the feeder duct is cool but the fan will not blow. I reached in and the fan moves freely. When the black switch is pressed simulating the cover being on, there is a click and humming but no fan turning. Is this behavior of a bad capacitor? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

beenthere 07-14-2013 04:22 AM

Could be a bad capacitor, or motor. Try to the capacitor first, its a cheap part.

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