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Mitch H 12-08-2009 10:00 PM

Extending finished attic insulation stops?
Hey everyone,

I have a garage that we built about 2 years ago with alot of help from friends and family. My father in law showed me how to install the insulation stops for the attic and everything has been going good.

Now though, I'd like to add insulation to the garage attic (blow it in) and the insulation stops end right at the height of the current R 20 attic insulation.

I know that if I want to blow in more insuation I'll have to somehow extend those stops to keep the new blown in stuff from blocking the vents. 23" on centre rafters... If I took one of the 23" foam attic stops they sell at say HD...divide it in half and slide it down the current cardboard stops... will that provide enough ventilation if the rest of the soffit vent gets plugged from the blow in?

I hope I'm making this clear enough...heh heh. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. There is just "crawl room" up there..and even at that...I'll be having to sqirm around on supports to make sure I don't fall though the roof drywall.

If I'd have known anything about insulation stops before we built the garage I would have done it the right way...but the father in law has built 3 homes on his own...I figured he knew pretty much everything.

Thanks in advance.

Mitch in Canada

kennzz05 12-09-2009 12:04 AM

normally garage attics arent insulated at all are you converting to a room

Mitch H 12-09-2009 11:00 AM

Hi Ken,

It can get to minus 55 up here in winter. Having the garage attic insulated is a must if you hope to hold in the heat.


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