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kandykane19 05-05-2010 03:44 PM

Evaporator Coil Sizing
I am trying to save some money by purchasing as much of my HVAC equipment myself. I have an HVAC certified contractor ready to install my new system but I am having difficulties matching up the ADP coil to the furnace.

I am purchasing the following system:
AHRI #: 3874101
Condenser - Rheem 14AJM49
Coil - ADP HE41660 Series (I need to finish the 18 digit model number)
Furnace - RGTM -07ERBGS (I will be using the Horizontal configuration)

You might be interested in why I am purchasing an ADP coil as opposed to the Rheem coil. If I want to qualify for the tax credit and get the Rheem coil, I am forced to purchase the 105k BTU furnace which is oversized for my needs. Whereas if i purchase the ADP coil, I am able to qualify for credit with the 75k BTU coil.
I have been looking at the spec sheets for both the RGTM furnace and the ADP coil but want to be certain that the cabinet dimensions i am selecting are correct. The links to both spec sheets are listed below.

This is what i have thus far on the model #: HE41660_ _ _ _ B29_ _ 93
I am assuming that the coil, like my furnace, would also be in the horizontal position, hence the multiposition selection.
The first blank deals with the Cabinet Depth (3 options), the next 3 blanks are for the cabinet width (5 options), while the last 2 blanks are for the Product Code (2 options: Right hand cased Multiposition or Left Hand cased Multiposition).
This is what I think it might be : HE41660D257B292093.

Next Issue. I would like to buy some of the major parts/accessories needed for the installation. I looked at the furnace specs and saw the required Plenum RXGR C21B. Do I need to purchase 1 or 2 of these plenums.

Can you think of anything else that i should purchase on my own instead of having the contractor pick up? It seems anything he purchases from his distributor is much more than what I can purchase for. I told him what i got the thermostat for, and it was $75 cheaper than what his actual cost for the same item was. He is actually asking where i am purchasing the items so he can begin using them instead.
My list of parts: Thermostat, Return air grids, Plenum, flex ducts

I have done the Manual J/Load Calculation on the house and have confirmed with Rheem that buying a 3rd party coil does not void my warranty on condenser/furnace.

I hope someone can help me.

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