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Trixie 06-08-2005 12:12 AM

Evaporative cooler/electrical problems
We have an evaporative cooler on the roof of house. It was working fine until one evening it was still pretty hot, so I turned it on. We have a dial switch where you pass through the pump setting first and the pump did come on. However, no blower. I smelled plastic and turned it off fast. DH felt maybe the motor needed to be replaced (this one was a year old) so we bought a new motor. Well after it was installed, we still only have pump but no motor. So now we buy a new switch and an electric tool kit with multimeter. Well not sure what to do with kit. Checked some batteries, which was a plus, but not sure what good it will do for checking the cooler. So now with new switch and new motor, no cooler. And I am burning up. We have now spent $180 and it doesn't work, and since I have become disabled (working on disability, but nothing yet) we are down to 1 income, and high frustration.

Is there anything we have overlooked? I don't know where to turn and the funds for an electrician are not there with the above purchases. Any advise or direction would be appreciated.

Thanks! Trixie

murray 06-08-2005 09:07 PM

if the fan motor is good check the capaciter ,listen to the unit the compressor will come on and when the unit reaches temp the relay will click then u will hear the fan try to come on, try to push the fan blade with a stick ,if it runs the cap may be toast .my first house i lived with a furnace motor like that for 2 years ,also try a continuity ? check ,to see if the windings are burnt.on the motor .a capacitor only costs a few $if u need to replace the motor ,replace the cap too....:)

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