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BigJimmy 12-30-2007 04:59 PM

DV Fireplace Recommendation - Correct Forum?
I am looking for some advice on direct vent n/g fireplaces. Perhaps this is the wrong forum for this post and if so, I imagine that the moderator will relocate it. If so, I apologize!

At any rate, I am remodeling our living room and my wife and I would like to install a direct vent fireplace. My wife and I are looking for a somewhat modern albeit simple design and we're very interested in the Majestic ( HiStyle DVBR series fireplaces. Does anyone have any experience with this manufacturer or model? We've seen a lot of gas fireplaces with totally lame flames/logs and we're interested in the most natural looking flame. The only dealer of this product is about 80 miles from our house so we were hoping to avoid the drive is this product is laughable among the installation trades.

On the other hand, if anyone has any experience with DV fireplaces with natural looking flames, feel free to share.


bigMikeB 12-30-2007 05:16 PM

That is a good manufacturer, I have had and installed many of their products.

climber211 01-06-2008 06:35 PM

Be careful with Majestic. I have one and customer support is a joke. I had an issue with the fp getting two hot and they cannot help at all. Their party line is call a tech to come look at it......

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