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DIYGST 01-04-2009 01:05 AM

Duct tape for Range hood duct
Hi I am confused at what duct tape to use for my range hood. I am in CA and I read that you are not supposed to use the grey duct tape anymore? So I picked up the metal type for class one, it seems like very thin plastic, like a window tint, and I found out the duct I am installing is not class one anyway, class one is what I have for A/C system. Can I still use this tape or is there something else you would recommend that I could easily find at the big box stores?

Thanks in advance.

Chemist1961 01-04-2009 05:46 AM

Foil or Nothing
Not sure how accurate this is but someone told me that what we all grew up with as duct tape was originally designed as "DUCK" tape and was used for waterproof parcel tape during the war. I haven't beeen around long enough to know for sure but it made for a pretty flashy hockey stick when I was a kid, but it got siff and unwrapped quickly in the cold and my dad was a bit ticked.
Foil type tape I;ve used has heat resitance and great flexibility when wrapping in tight spaces.The glue doesn't seem to giveout under hot or cold conditions whereas regular fibre woven duct tape is crap in the cold and seems to shrink after a few years and peel leaving a powder film. So do it right , do it once. Use the good stuff especially in hard to reach places. The stuff I use is more like thin walled aluminium foil with a peel away backing. HD sems to have several price ranges but the bulk roll is best value if you have any future projects like dryer vents, etc and it's not a bad idea to tidy up the furnace/ac unit.

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