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mdbutterfield 09-10-2012 05:57 AM

Duct Cleaning
I just read a post below about duct cleaning and didn't want to butt in :)

I too have been looking/pricing duct cleaning ... Im overwhelmed because there are so many scammers and gimmicks! I am definitely NOT rich so if I were to spend the money on duct cleaning I really want it to be worth it ...
Our home was built in 1924 ... It's about 1800 sq ft ... It is EXTREMELY dusty and I feel like I can never get ahead! For example ... We have a ceiling fan in the living room that I have to take apart and clean MONTHLY because it builds literally 1/4 inch layer of thick sticky dust!
Our vents (the kind that suck air/do not blow .... Not sure what they are called) ate caked with dust monthly and I have to vacuum regularly ...
I read that some of you do not feel that duct cleaning is necessary ... Is there something different I can do about the dust?

jkv 09-10-2012 08:00 AM

I feel that duct cleaning is a waste of money, you can spend a lot of it and no time at all your ducts will be filled again. Keep your filters clean more important than spending money on something that will be useless. If you are worried about them take a vent off run a shop vac hose down them, the most dust collects in the corners.

joecaption 09-10-2012 08:17 AM

I also feel it's a waste of money.
Ducts do not make dust. What's in the house and if the windows are open what's outside can be causing the dust. So even if all the ducts were brand new these conditions will be making dust the next day.

Pick up a barometer. The idea moisture level in a home is 45 to 50%. If it's to dry there's going to be more air bound dust.
Old carpeting can start to give off a ton of dust.
Do you happen to have a whole house fan, one that sucks in outside air and pushes it up into the attic? That will suck in a ton of dust from the outside.

Adding an electronic air filter to your return air duct can make a really big differance.
If it's sucking in dust through cheap filters you going to just be blowing out dust.

bobinphx 09-10-2012 12:42 PM

The question is "how is the dust getting in your home???"

of course the first thing anyone thinks of is doors and windows. Then pets, then people. What is forgoten is that the AC system can be pulling in dust from outside, if the returns are leaking. Or for that matter, if the supplies are leaking, the house is under negative pressure.

I suggest that you have a blower door test done, as well as a duct leak test done.

You can do a caveman type test just to see if you have issues in the hvac system. Turn on the system. close all fireplace damper and make sure no bathroom fans or indoor clothes dryer is running. Then crack a window open. hold a light string or tissue paper to the opening. if the string blows out,,, you have positive pressure in the house and the hvac return system would be suspect. If the string blows in, you have supply leaks. Note that you should do this on a calm day, so that outside wind does not affect the results. Again, this is really not a great way to test, but it will give you an idea of where to start!!!

get some pros in there to really find the issue.

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