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wintrow105 11-15-2008 12:34 PM

ducand furnace
the unit fan comes on the the ignites and the the burners go out after about 3-5 seconds and then cold air after about 2 mins the burners ingite again for 3-5 seconds and out again this cycle goes on non stop and the fan stays on and the house is getting colder any ideas?

kennzz05 11-15-2008 02:52 PM

clean the flame sensor with fine sandpaper or steel wool its located below the burners usually with a single wire going to it its a silver rod with a porcelain end also when the flames are burning they have to engulf the flame sensor completely the f/s gets a fine coating built up on it and creates shortcycleing conditions very common repair

dac122 11-17-2008 07:22 AM

Yes, check the simplest things first. If that doesn't do it then post back with specifics such as efficiency of furnace.

hvac122 11-17-2008 10:11 AM

Most manufactures recommend cleaning a flame sensor with scotchbrite or a dollar bill. Not supposed to use sandpaper.

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