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Mainiack 11-15-2008 08:35 AM

Draft/Inducer Motor Help Please
I live in Lexington, Ky and the forecasted high temp for tommorrow is 42 degrees.......My furnace (Coleman Evcon) 3 years old, would not come on. T-stat would call for heat but Inducer Motor would not spin so I figured it was seized.
I removed the motor and found out it was not seized it was stuck due to a split (read as broken) o-ring or seal that was on the output shaft. I'm supposing this o-ring seals the inducer blower wheel from pulling air in from around the shaft thus reducing vacuum pressure. It is white and conical shaped and about 1/8" thick. I removed the complete inducer assembly and checked the blower wheel and the housing for damage and found none. I connected my shop vac to intake and exhaust vents and blew them from the furnace to outside to clear any possible blockages. I removed all the condensate lines and checked the condensate pump, all were fine. The pressure switch will operate with very little suction. I replaced everything i removed with the exception of the O-ring that i mentioned and can get the furnace to ignite by jumpering around pressure switch or by inducing vacuum by sucking on the house. I don't have a way of measuring the vacuum but i'm certain this o-ring is the issue. I see no reason to call a repairman or to replace the motor or the complete inducer assembly so my question is can i buy a replacement O-ring (IF SO then WHERE?) or use rtv or something else?

edit ***This is a Fasco Motor as well as a Fasco inducer assembly.

biggles 11-15-2008 10:29 AM

the housing for that ID motor is supplying air into the burner section so it is room temp air going thru about some strips of duct tape over the opening of the shaft and razor some away to clear the shaft....for now.the fix.....cut a cirular piece of plastic drill a hole in the center(1/8") bigger then shaft and slice one side a little epoxy on the disc and center it up on the back of the housing till it cures(some more duct tape just to hold it.before the epoxy/disc applied.....PICKLE the back of the metal housing around the shaft with some rubbing alcohol the epoxy will seal right onto it with your new rubber 1/8' thick will do the trick also with the epoxy

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