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Downflow furnace-Two quesstions

When this furnace is operating, in addition to the air coming from floor vents, I can feel the warm out blowing out near the base seams at the sides and back of the furnace frame.

It blows onto the hot water heater which is next to it and onto the gas pipe going into the furnace and onto the wall behind the furnace which is only a couple inches away. A scarf held next to those area will clearly blow. Is this normal? This is a new furnace.

Also what I think is called the supply plenum has an electrical cord laying on top of it and the supply plenum feels very hot there. will this damage the cord?


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Post some pics of your concerns. The air leaks should be sealed with tin foil self adhesive duct tape from HDepot. The cord should not get hot.

Click on go advanced and manage attachments to link pics.


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Call the installer back out if it's a new furnace and have them fix it. Air leaks like that would not pass city inspection for a replacement job around here.
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Thank you very much Yuri and Marty. Sorry I don't have a way to post photos. My computer is too old and too short on memory to connect a camera.

I will try to get the installer back out here Monday. I have raised the electrical cord now (temporarily) as best I can until they can find another way to route the cord.

Funny, I don't actually remember that area of the plenum (which the furnace and the cord sit on) feeling hot when I was looking at it a couple days ago.

I had sealed the unused openings on the side of the furnace that are not in use: unused stove pipe hole, unused gas pipe hole and a another small round hole (multiposition furnace). So today when I noticed the cord laying on the hot area , I thought maybe sealing those areas may have caused a problem, so I unsealed them . But unsealing them doesn't seem to have made a difference either.

The installers are a licensed HVAC company so I wonder if something has also changed since they installed it to cause those air leaks? Not likely, I guess.
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Update On air leaking

Regarding the warm air leaking from furnace, applying the tin foil tape has made a difference, Unfortunately, the furnace installers couldn't come back because they were "booked up" at this time and they didn't offer to make an appointment with me, but said they "will call me". So I hired someone to look at the furnace and he applied the foil tape.

Now I can see not only a difference in the air flow from the vents, but also about a 2 to 3 degree increase in the heat coming out of the vents. Now I can actually feel air moving in the rooms without being right next to the vents.

Thanks again Yuri and Marty for your info. It is so great to be able to post questions on this website and get good answers.
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