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Do any USA furnace manufacturers use these?

Its a blue-flame oil burner.

I have always wondered if something like this existed, especially since jet engines can burn K1 with a blue flame, why not a fuel-oil furnace. It seems like the commonplace yellow-flame oil burners do not utilize all the potiental energy that is contained in the fuel oil.

This, coupled with a condensing heat exchanger like a gas furnace, I imagine would cut oil bills in half. For those who cannot get natural gas service and whose climate is too cold for heat pumps, this looks like a godsend!


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I remember + or - a few years, 30 years ago there was a burner called a "blu-ray". it was to have been the savior of oil heat efficiency. if i remember correctly it was a failure. it was taunted as the best by the doe or epa, etc.

not sure if this is the same technology, i doubt it.



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I heard about those...remember reading about them in a popular mechanics magazine. I heard though that they were a paint to keep dialed in and working properly. This design looks to be much more simpiler as it works like the fuel burners on a jet engine, with hardly any more additional parts.

I wonder though if the blue-ray furnace could have made it today with the additon of modern electronics to keep it properly a car engine does with O2 sensors and stuff?
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Yeah, This was supposed to be the savior of oil furnaces, what happened?

I remember the article in PS too. Why did they fail? Pros? Yuri? Doc?
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