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andrewket 12-05-2011 04:30 PM

Disable heat pump in a carrier infinity hybrid (dual fuel) system?

I have a carrier infinity hybrid (dual fuel) system. It has served me well for several years. However, I am now installing an emergency standby generator and I don't want to use electric heat for one of my zones. I have a carrier SYSTXCCUID01-A controller. On the user/advanced settings page, I can force the system into furnace only heat. The problem is that this setting is not retained when the power cycles. When the power cycles, the controller reverts to hybrid heat by default.

I found the installation manual, and it does not appear I can reprogram the controller to think the outdoor unit is just A/C. It's all digital, and it self discovers the fact that I have a two stage heat pump. I can program the lockout set points so that it goes to gas heat at 55F, but this still leaves an out door temperature window of 17 degrees (72F-55F) when I could lose power, the generator will kick in, and the system will try to use electric heat. I want the outdoor unit wired to the generator for cooling in the summer, so simply not connecting the outdoor unit is not an option.

Anyone have any ideas? I found the installation manual here:

The heat pump is model 25HNA636A.

If I can't disable the heat pump completely (and permanently) then I'm going to have to remember to set the controller to use the furnace only every time the power fails and the outdoor temperature is between 72F and 55F. :(


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