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Skelleyman 08-09-2012 01:44 PM

Diffuser Condensation Central Air
Hello all,
So we had Central air installed in our house. Northeast New England region. 1 floor - Garden style, 1700sqft. So I'm getting condensation on the diffuser/vent in my kitchen and the one in our daughter's bedroom.
Here are some things I checked:
1. Went into Attic and verified all the diffuser boxes are wrapped tight and covered with insulation as is the ductwork with R-10 value insulation.
2. Made sure that our Thermostat stays between 70-72.
What's weird is that the Kitchen is the first stop in chain for the ductwork and my daughter's room is the last.
It goes Handler>Kitchen>Living RM>Living RM>Dining RM>Bedroom>Bedroom (Total of 6 diffusers). All 10x10" except kitchen which is 12x12".
We have three returns. One 9x9 in each bedroom and a 15x9 in hallway/open space that connects kitchen to living rm and dinning rm.
I called the company that installed and they are helpful and do return calls and e-mails. However, they did say there's probably nothing they can do on their end but they would come out if needed. The ductwork does have dampers before each drop. I wonder if I should try this?
Anyone ever had this issue or knows of someone who did and how to resolve it?
Thanks All,

turnermech 08-09-2012 03:59 PM

there would seem to be a gap in the insulation coverage or the inslulation is compressed. Insulation reqires the air gap trapped inside it to provide its rated R value. You can cover the vent in the attic with more insulation and see if that helps.

ben's plumbing 08-09-2012 06:42 PM

agree with turnermech seems like more insulation is needed around duct to prevent it from condensating...:yes:

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