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cougarhsv 01-19-2007 01:09 PM

Different Manufacturer Air Handler
Is is possible to purchase a new air handler from a different manufacturer than the outside unit and have them work together? The outside unit is a Goodman ARUF049-00A-1A.

Christopher 01-19-2007 02:24 PM



The outside unit is a Goodman ARUF049-00A-1A.
Did you mean to say: The outside unit is a Goodman CPLJ48-1B?


cougarhsv 01-19-2007 02:33 PM

Outside Unit
Oh sorry. The outside unit is a CPLJ48-1B

Christopher 01-19-2007 02:42 PM


The outdoor unit you are specifying is a heat pump (reverse-cycle, not cooling only). Are you aware of this?

Do you need the product specification for the CPLJ48-1B?


cougarhsv 01-19-2007 02:48 PM

Bought the outside and indoor units used (I posted the problem at but got no help.

The indoor unit was missing the blower assembly and the evaporator unit. Would prefer to just replace the missing parts but haven't had much success finding anyone who has the parts or has the opinion that it wouldn't be cheaper just to replace the whole unit. If thats the case, I was looking to replace the indoor unit with either a Goodman or something else if that is possible.

Christopher 01-19-2007 03:22 PM


I see that in your first post the responses were not very informative.

Goodman Mfg. background:

This company has received a bad reputation having little to do with the actual quality of their products. For many years and continued now, their equipment is a favorite of bottom-feeders in the HVAC service industry. These bottom-feeders cheat the home owner out of a quality installation by enticing them with a low price. The Goodman equipment fails due do incompetent installation.

The next repair man is a competent guy trying to make a living by selling quality work at a fair price that is appropriately higher than the fly-by-night guy. This good guy sometimes projects his frustration at Goodman .

I will offer you the opinion that Goodman equipment is no where near the bottom in terms of quality.


Is it possible to purchase a new air handler from a different manufacturer than the outside unit and have them work together?
The answer is yes, in fact some air-handler manufacturers certify their products with several makers of outdoor units; for example Unico. That said, since your outdoor unit is a heat pump, I will only recommend using one of Goodman's ten matched air-handlers.


zunk 01-20-2007 09:46 AM

It seems to me if you are missing the evap. and blower from the A/H, you are missing everything. There's not much more but the case. At any rate, I'll bet it would cost ~as much to relace them as get a new A/H, and lot more hassle. Also if you have a warranty left, most comps. won't honor it if you don't have their matched units. IMO, you'd be better off ordering a complete, matched A/H from Goodman. You can buy them at a good price in many online sites. They are now selling them with 10 yr. warranties, which beats any other mfg. I know of.

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