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ssssg1 07-24-2006 12:03 PM

Deducing an AC problem
Ok, I did a little more research and found that the ouside unit fan blades turns on, to me that shows that the unit is functioning no bad caps or switches. However, When I'm in the house and turn the thermostat on I used to here the filter being sucked up a little once the A.C. comes on. That is not occuring anymore. Hers a question does the heating unit in the attic have anything to do with the AC unit outside? if so, then my question is during the winter the heating units vacuum switch (looks like an oreo cook) was clogged never allowing the heater to turn on. Could that possibly be a problem? with the AC unit. Thanks

Good Morning, I hope someone can help. I have a York 2 or 3 ton unit outside for my down stair that for some reason as of yesterday when I lower the thermastat nothing happens. When I shut the unit off in the house and restart it I here, I guess the fan motor start, but that is all. I have noticed that recently is has not been blowing the cooleset of air but that could be due to high ceilings and really hot climate. Unit is 6 years old never been serviced. I believe model number starts out like "York HRRA0505360":laughing:

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated

MAS2006 07-25-2006 08:44 PM


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