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Nanc 11-10-2007 10:45 AM

Corn/Pellet Burner effeciency in basement
Have a 2000+ home with open floor plan. Want to use a pellet/corn burner as an secondary heat source and want to put it in an unfinished basement. Basement is poured concrete slab w/poured concrete walls, approx. 5'10" ceilings. Hoping to have take advantage of heat rising and all. Anyone try this and does it work or will it be a waste of money. Also, anyone hear of it being able to hook into forced air furnace ductwork?


FarmerJohn 11-16-2007 07:56 AM

We sell CornGlo and Buckner corn stoves and have many customers who have placed them in unfinished basements. The biggest thing you must remember is that the concrete walls will absorb a lot of heat, which means it will will take more fuel to get the heat to travel up through the floor.

Yes you can hook most stoves into a current hot air duct, just make sure that the stove you buy is capable of putting out enough BTU's. Any more questions, you can email us at

Nanc 11-18-2007 08:15 AM

Thanks for the Info!
Thanks for the information. We don't have anyone other than the teenager at the local Big Box stores to tell us which model their company wants them to push and their knowledge is limited on what is written on the outside of the box. We've had to rely on several year old blogs from all over the internet to get our information. Nice to hear current information from someone "in the know"!

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