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dwolek 03-15-2010 03:02 PM

Copper to Black Pipe Gas Connection
I have a copper gas line running from inside my house to the outside where it is joined to a piece of black pipe which connects to the flex line of the BBQ. Well the wind took the BBQ, causing the copper to kink outside where in runs trough the pipe hanger. Very poor install method in my opinion. So to repair/improve this, I would want to replace the copper on the outside with black pipe, and join it to the copper on the inside. I understand that I'd need a tool to flange the copper at the proper angle which is pricey. A couple of questions:

1) Can I use some type of gas-rated compression fitting instead
2) Can I legally do this anyway or do I have to call in a gasfitter
3) There is a shutoff at the gas manifold inside, but nothing outside at the connection point, is it code to have one there (it makes sense because otherwise you're relying on the BBQ to ensure the gas is properly shut)

As always...Thanks

User75130 03-15-2010 05:02 PM

You could use, which is (CSST) Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing. It uses compression fittings, so you wouldn't need to flare copper or thread black pipe. It would be cheaper to install black pipe, but faster and easier to install CSST. HVAC wholesalers sell by the foot, but may only sell to a licensed person.

In Ontario, Canada when your're using a hose to connect the BBQ, the shut off valve must be installed outside as close as possible to the hose. Also if you are the owner of a detached home, you can legally do all the work yourself. If it were a newly installed appliance a licensed person would have to activate it. Check with your local codes and regulations.

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