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Cool air blowing, house not cooling

We are in Texas and temps are hitting 103 degrees right now. I have a friend down the street and they have a 1200 square foot house with a 3 ton unit. It is only 6 years old, yet all summer, they set the a/c at 76-78 and have it 87 degrees inside their home. The air is coming out of the vents. I would not say it is COLD, but is cool and the unit NEVER turns off. Only at night, will it finally cool down and turn off.

For comparison, I have about a 20 year old unit that is rarely maintenanced and for the past 4 years I run my ac at 72 and it is without fail 72 degrees at all times in my home.

They have had 2 guys look at the ac and both said it was functioning correctly and it was just "that time of year" and just hot outside, he charged it with 1 pound of freon and left. Then, I had my maintenance technician (I manage apartments) look at it for them and he shockingly told them the same thing, they needed to keep all doors open in the home to encourage air circulation. He also said that the air vent was blowing on the thermostat so it would mess up the reading? Forgive me if I am wrong, but if the air is blowing on the thermostat, wouldn't it read cooler rather than hotter? He also charged the unit with freon.

I just feel like they are really getting the run around. Everyone says the outside coils are clean, lines are blowing fine, filter is clean and there was a lot of water inside behind the air filter and under the inside unit. He was able to blow that line out and place something in there to allow it to drain downward for the future.

What else could it be and where should they go from here?


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may be undersized/too small for the house. need to do a heat load calc to find out the proper size.


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Two guys looked at it and both added freon? If that's the case then the system either has a leak or it's now overcharged. Knowing what kind of metering device,superheat,subcool,ambient temp,return temp,supply temp,return air wet bulb temp,pressures and how many cfm the blower is set up for sure would be useful information. Perhaps your maintenance man can go back and record the needed data.
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Sounds like both the guys/techs that looked at the system, are less then stellar techs. Since if they added a pound each, the system can't have been working properly, or they just did something to get paid for.

Have you fried clean both coils. Or help your friend do so.

And yes, if it was just the cold air blowing on the thermostat, the thermostat would read that the temp is at or lower then the house really is.
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