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marks5894 10-21-2007 11:14 AM

convert from gas boiler to electric baseboard
I have a 3 story 12 unit apartment bldg. and it is currently heated by nat. gas boiler hot water with baseboard copper pipes ..each unit has a thermostat to control their unit heat. The problem is when it is in the 40 to 60 degree range, it is difficult to please all the tenants. If I turn on the boiler when it is 50 degrees roughly, some tenants will open their windows even though they have their thermostat off the heat comes from the other units I guess. If I wait til it's 40 roughly then some tenants say they are cold. I think the system is not efficient and I have to monitor it too closely. A tenant may move because the heat is not the temp. that they prefer but not say anything to me so that I don't know the reason they are moving. I hear other landlords replace boiler heat with baseboard electric heat. each tenant can get exactly to their liking, and if one unit has a heat problem it would be for one unit only. Now, if the boiler/ pump fail, allunits are cold and that m,akes me nervous....any advice about the change over is much appreciated. Each unit has 60 amp circuit breaker service; is that enough for elect. heat? Can the baseboard covers be used for electric baseboard housing after removing the copper plbg? how much will this all cost? any other way to individualize any type of replacement system? thanks a ton to all!

slakker 10-21-2007 12:22 PM

Since this is an appartment block, I would not recommend trying to do this as a DIY project. But in terms of converting it over to electric baseboard heat, that seems reasonable as each unit will be able to control their own environment.

To get an idea of costs, I would get the trades in to take a look. You'll need a plumber to cost out the removal of the hot water radiant, either to cap it or to fully remove it. Then an electrician to look at the electrical wiring and needs. Likely a touch up guy to fix any finishes that'll be needed after everythign is done.

Or hire a general contractor to take care of the whole job end-to-end, and let him/her worry about the different trades needed.

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