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dlem 02-11-2008 07:53 AM

Connecting inline duct fan to furnace

I installed an in-line duct fan to boost air flow to a room. It works well except for the sound level. I have initially wired it to plug to a standard 110/120 volt outlet.

Here is the fan (model DG6GTP):

What I am wondering is whether I can direct wire it to the furnace to have it come on only when heating or cooling. I leave the blower running all the time to circulate the air in the house so I do not want the duct fan running when the heat / AC is not running.

Any suggestions?

My other option is to install a duct stat:

Also I am having a bit of difficulty finding control unit wiring in the furnace which has the connections to the thermostat. What should I be looking for?

Thanks for your assistance.

biggles 02-11-2008 05:50 PM

depending on the connections to your supply fan you should tap off that connection,either off the terminal block in the fan section or in the control area where the fan wires come in.keep in mind that your AC runs one fan speed,and the HEAT the slower motor speeds

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