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jdelisle 07-09-2008 08:43 PM

Connecting air cleaner to return air elbow

I have a new Lennox pure-air air-filter. I'm installing a new furnace, return air elbow, and this air filter.

Connecting the air filter to the furnace is easy, connecting the return air elbow to the air filter is not as straight forward.

The air filters box is:
- 28-1/2 x 17-1/2 (outside dimension of box)
- 24-1/4 x 15 (inside dimension of opening)

My return air elbow is:
23-1/4 x 14-3/4 (inside dimension).
1/2 inch folded metal lip outside, all four sides

How does one correctly attach the two? Am I using the wrong size of return air elbow? Is there some type of connector one uses?

Worst case, I can make them fit by filling the gap with some sheet metal, but I'd like to do this the right way.

Thanks in advance!!

coolmen 07-10-2008 05:44 AM

To keep from having to order a new elbow to the exact measurments simply cut the 4 corners of the elbow down a good 1". and make a new 1" bend on the lips. right now you have a 1/2 " lip witch will not cover the little over sized filter hole. flatten out the 1/2 lip and make it larger so to be able to screw into the lips and cover the hole. seal gapsand seams with metal tape or chaulking.use short screws so not to get into the way of filter.

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