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HandyBro 07-16-2008 04:25 PM

Confused ducting in 1 story bungalow...
Hello everyone, I'm new here but have learnt this is the best place to ask about my problem. I have done simple to complicated plumbing jobs, electric jobs, and was a spray painter by trade for 28 yrs., I was also the general maintenance guy for the factory... so I know some stuff. But I don't know the first thing about how I should go about re:ducting my old 1953 house. First off let me tell you why I want too. The house builder and his partner back in '53 decided they would try something different with the furnance and ducting. Back then I don't think there were such codes that any would have to follow... I live in a 1 story 1200 sq. ft Bungalow. The furnace was replaced about 3 years ago... at the time, the contractor told us that he'd never seen a residential home ducted this way. He told us that even with the new furnace we would probley not feel the benifits of it with a ducting system as such. He offered to redo it, but the cost was more then we could afford.

From the furnace there is a really large main out pipe 30" X 8", it comes out about 8ft. before curving upward and through the wall of the kitchen. Another 10ft. up before entering the attic, from there it carries out 34ft., running the length of the house. The out vents are 6ft. up the wall with the ducting between the joist, only the cold air returns are at floor level.
The furnace has a second pipe for the basement only which is 12" X 8" and goes the length of the house as well.

I would like to eliminate the big pipe which is robbing the airflow and reduct all the rooms of the house from floor vents like the basement 12" X 8". Should I be able to use the basement duct, or should I add a second one the same just for the rooms upstairs. I was thinking of using 5" round pipe to the vents so I can tuck them into the floor joist in the basement. I have supplied photo's should you need proof of this mystery ducting job. If heating or cooling the house, our furnace rarely ever shuts off, and not much airflow is felt at the vents.

Any help would be greatly appriciated... Thanks, HandyBro.

8 Ball 07-16-2008 08:11 PM need a tool. Stop by a local HVAC supply house, and pick up a ductilator. Figuring out how to use it is not rocket science, we can help you.

Start with the basics. Creativity with ductwork, rarely works out.

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