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integlikewhoa 12-23-2008 12:59 PM

Compressor pad question.
I have stamped concrete all down the side of my house sandwiched between the block wall and the house (right outside the bedrooms). I was planning on setting my a/c compressor right on top of that without a pad. Is this a good idea.

My a/c store has rubber pads, with cork centers to put under the four corners, but I'm wondering how they would hold up in the California elments outside.
They come in all different size squares, I was thinking like 7x7" under each of the four corners. They look like this.

Also the patio is on a very slight slope away from the house toward a water drain down the middle. Its like a 1" slope for 7-10 feet. Is this going to be a problem, since the unit wont be perfect level where it sits.

What are your guys sugestions?

Thanks JIM

biggles 12-23-2008 06:47 PM

those cork type sandwich pads are just right for that situation putting another pad there is a waste of money.check out your local for an alternative to those cork types it is a prefab'd pad of synthetic material item #4E875 will catch the entire condenser and hold up to the weather.

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