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shalt78 04-18-2008 07:17 AM

Comfortmaker Won't power on at all!
Hello all please help we have already dished out so much on repairs for this furnance.

Here's the stroy.

We had a rod hole leak in our basement into the outlet for our sumppump, so the water proofing guy turned off the fuse box swith for that outlet and when he did it also power down our furnace. NO big deal right. Well when we flicked the fuse box switch back on the sumppump outlet worked, the humidifier outlet worked, but NOW the furnance won't power on. Nothing will. From the themostat we can't EVEN get the fan to turn on when we go from auto to on, the furnace won't kick on the blower the little click noise nothing, the ac won't even kick on. It is like there is no power running to the system at all!!!! DOesn't make sense because everything else on that fuse switch is on and working fine.

We tried turning the furnace switch on and off without any success. And then we even tried to flip the main fuse box switch. Bad idea! We couldn't get the power in the whole house to come back for like 10-15 minutes, very scary.

Anyways can anyone help? Any ideas?

Thank you
Danielle and Nick

HvacWiz 04-18-2008 04:23 PM

Check the fuse inside your furnace on/off switch if you have one in there, verify if you have 120v to furnace, if so your circuit board may have fried.

shalt78 04-20-2008 08:15 AM

All better
I broke down and called the furnace guy. $75 to tighten a screw in the furnace that was causing a wire to be loose stopping everything from working. HOw switching off the fuse box and the loose srew were related???? So $75 to tighten a screw :) Better than $5000 for a new system which is what another guy tried to tell me I needed.


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