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tyear8299 02-26-2006 03:08 AM

Comfortmaker RPJ2 won't ignite
I am having a problem with my Comfortmaker RPJ2. This all started this evening when we came home and the thermostat said it was 55F when the thermostat was set to 72F. I took a look at the furnace and the red light indicator was blinking 1 flash - system lockout due to retry. I tried to reboot following the instructions on the front panel and after all the fans, ticks and such, no flame in the furnace and them the red light indicator was blinking 1 flash again. I wasn't getting a flame in the furnace at all so, I thought it might be the igniter. Tried sanding it down to remove any grit and residue. Still nothing. Is the ignitor rod sticking into the far left gas thing (whatever it's called) supposed to turn orange or some color to indicate that it is working. Mine didn't when I was trying to get it to work. I was able to confirm that power was being sent through the wire. Could it be the igniter is bad?



Aceinstaller 03-05-2006 05:06 PM

I hope that you sanded the flame sense rod. because if you snded the ignitor then it's broken now.

The flame sense rod is a little rod that sits directly in front of the burner with one wire running to it. and the ignitor has a black and a white wire running to it.

The problem has nothing to do with the flame sense rod, since the burners aren't even at the stage of igniting. Is it a spark ignition or an ignitor?

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