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mush2699 06-28-2010 01:34 PM

combination forced hot air / central air problem
I have forced hot air / central ac in the house. I have a return under a closet which goes through the wall of my hallway and into the livingroom, it is floor level. All supply vents are 4" from the floor. I do not have a problem with my heat, the trouble is the ac. I have had it checked and all levels are fine. I had it cleaned and I have taken temps going into return is 75-76 and the supply is 50-55. I have pointed the ducts up to get the cold air as high as possible. Today it is 90 and the house will not go below 76.5. The space it is cooling is about 1100 sq feet. All rooms are vaulted to about 10- 11' Should I try temping the return duct high up to bring more heat into the system? Also just some more info the condensor is a Rheem 10 seer 2.5 ton unit. Thanks

beenthere 06-28-2010 04:01 PM

When you say you pointed the ducts up. I'm guessing you mean you adjusted the louvers on the registers to point up.

If so. Try getting a couple deflectors from Lowes, or HD. They will tend to throw the air up much higher then the louvers will. And should make a big difference.

mush2699 06-28-2010 04:27 PM

you are correct I aimed the louvers up I will look into tihe deflectors do I need to move the return from the floor will it make a difference if I pull it from higher?

beenthere 06-28-2010 04:38 PM

Try the deflectors first.
If you move the return from the floor to a higher area. You might find that your floors are colder then you like.

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