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Right Thinking Kinda Guy 06-29-2008 03:01 PM

Cold Room
I have built a 574 sq ft lliving room on to a ranch stlye house. The new room is on a concrete slab. I have installed a new forced air hvac system, the trunk is in the crawl space. I have 2 supply lines coming out on 1 side of the room and when it gets moderatly cold in the winter the room is chilly. I believe my furnace might be big enough so that I could run 2 supply lines in the attic to the other side of the room. It would be a distance of about 50-60 ft. Will this work and if not what other opitions do I have?

geo fan 06-29-2008 04:27 PM

to long
you can run that distance if you do it right use metel not flex and upsize the line reducing as late as posible . adding a return would help as well. a room that size should have about a ton of air by itself 400 cfm figure 7 inch will give 125-150 and 8 inch 150-200 so if the 2 vents in there are 8 inch duct add a return if they are 7 add one and a return . did you use those hard wood floor wood grills becouse they can be vary ristrictive

Right Thinking Kinda Guy 06-30-2008 09:34 PM

Thanks Geo Fan

I have two six inch supply ducts coming out of the wall with metal wall vents on them.

Where should the return vent be located at in ceiling? In the middle of the room or on one end?

geo fan 07-01-2008 04:35 PM

oposite from supply
put the return as far from the supplys as posible sound like an additional supply is in order to 8 inch prefered . if the supplys are low put the return high and visa versa and on the oposit wall

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