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JAJasper 09-29-2011 05:26 PM

Cold Air Return
I just recently started to become concern about energy efficiency, and in the process have been doing a lot of small things to make my home more energy efficient.

However the big thing is my Heating and A/C unit, it is about 24-26 years old. During the summer it runs all the time, and I thought it was time to buy a new one, but I just found a major issue that might be the cause of my power heat and a/c.

The home is a berm home, it is poured on a solid slab, so the a/c runs through the attic, our home is in the sun for about 10 hours out of the day.

What I have found is the cold air return in the furthest bedroom is a dummy cold air return, no connection, never dawned on my parents when they had the home. After finding this I inspected the others, out of the 4 others only two have metal on the back,used panned studs as the duct. and they are the ones that are on the backside of the shower.

The connections at the top were a joke and more than likely were sucking attic air as the cold air return.

At this point I plan on putting actual duct inside the wall and running a flex pipe from the dummy unit. My question here is should I put an induction fan to aid the air movement, as all the other vents are withing 5 feet of the unit. Will the air pull from 20-30 feet away?

In addition to the return air ducts I am going to replace all the flex line coming from the trunk to the room vents with new better insulated flex duct, and then taking the three attic vents and putting in attic fans.

I am hopping the combination of that and adding R30 to bring total insulation value to R49 which is the suggested value for the Indiana/Kentucky area will help make the a/c heat unit perform better and save me some money.

Any suggestions and or ideas to make this go smoother would be greatly appreciated

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